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computer issues

The PC Doctors have the cure for what ails your system. Your computer doesn't need a geek, it needs a doctor.

Your computer solution

Did you just lose all your data due to a computer crash? Tired of the blue screen of death, or your computer just won't turn on? Get help from our fully insured staff today - we have great references available upon request.

Weekend appointments

$20 OFF any repair

High success rate

Are you thinking, "I can’t get rid of those pop ups!” or “My computer is very slow.” or how about “My computer must be infected!” Let us pick up your computer, fix it, and have it returned back to you in no time.

Do you want to throw your computer out the window because it's so slow and full of spyware? Get $20 OFF any computer repair service or upgrade when you mention our website as a new customer.

Your computer is on the fritz, but it's Sunday and no one is open. When you need help today, turn to our professional staff for commercial and residential computer repairs and network setups.

Call now: 973-479-0158

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