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How prepared are you for malware threats?

Most businesses and homeowners are ill prepared for the attack or infection of today’s malware threats. Traditional viruses are no longer the norm. The malware of today is constantly evolving and poses the single greatest threat to your system or network. It can come from many mediums, such as web site browsing, email, or lack of a firewall. Don’t be fooled by TV ads or free antivirus applications that claim they can speed up your system and keep you protected. These often prove to be ineffective, unstable, and a waste of money.

Speed up your computer today!

1 out of every 5 system recoveries we perform are due to some third party utility. They offer empty promises that slow your computer down, requiring memory upgrades to compensate for the drain on system resources.

Remove infections and prevent future malware issues

PC Doctors can provide the solution to removing threats in the event you are infected. We have a high success rate in malware removal. In the event the infection cannot be removed due to severe circumstances, your data is typically safe and can still be recovered. Timeliness is the key in these matters and a prompt response will give you the best chance at successfully recovering from the problem.

Although there is no perfect solution to preventing malware infection, we can offer guidance on the best approach to protecting your systems through real world experience. So whether it’s your home computer or your office environment, call us today so we can get back your access to your iTunes or business files.